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[FORD] First Order

XtremeSkill destroyed FORD


The First Order [FORD] our an international clan focusing on successful Clanwars and Strongholds. We are seeking active and skilled players willing to participate in Clanwars and Stronghold at a high level.


¤ 2200+ overall WN8
¤ 2500+ recent WN8
¤ 54%+ Win Rate
¤ Min. 4 Clanwars Tanks
¤ Be Active In Clan Battles
¤ Speak English

We also accept any guys with 3k+ recent and good Tier 10 stats

For Recruitment info contact:
¤ aggroblner
¤ SlenderMoose
¤ aleha87
¤ JackHorsetail

For Diplomacy info contact:
¤ XtremeSkill
¤ The_Scarecrow
¤ GranatenBOT
¤ RaminCross

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